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magnolia arkansas zip codeDSnegr    Baltiomre, Maryland
I'm ridiculously sarcastic with a penchant for being inappropriate at times. Some people would call me cynical, but optimism comes naturally when I'm happy with all aspects of my life. I am very analy
buna txkafele    Rockland County, New York
Hi, I'm a pretty big stay at home type of person but I do go out. I like video games, books and music. My favorite game is The Legend of Zelda. I play very many instruments and I sing. I'm a nerd.
blue bell zip codekrissh_maru    walsall, England
I don't believe in playing games or cheating so if you do any of that don't bather me please I love to hang out and do the family thing I like all music
riding a guybhavesh    romford, England
interests. Computers and the like, a few things pertaining to my studies (finance). I got a tablet (art) and use it from time to time, I follow politics but apparently it is not interesting.

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